Senior Software Engineer

Position Duties:

  • Design, develop and modify software applications for customers using employer’s proprietary platform Datalog LB (aka: LogiQL) and HTML5/JavaScript technologies.
  • Train and manage software application developers in the USA and abroad.
  • Perform unit and integration and system testing and modify existing software to correct errors.
  • Confer with team of systems analysts, engineers and programmers to understand and modify project limitations and performance requirements and interfaces.
  • Develop and direct software system documentation.
  • Interview potential employees and train newly hired ones.
  • Design training materials for new hires, give presentations and write technical documentation.
  • Direct software system design sessions with customers worldwide.


MS Computer Science (or related field) and 2 years experience or BS Computer Science (or related field) and 5 years progressive experience.

Skills required:

  • Logic programming languages such as Prolog or Datalog
  • Client-side technologies such as JavaScript, CSS, HTML, JSON or XML
  • Design pattern development such as Model/View/Controller (MVC)
  • Web development using both client-side and server-side frameworks
  • Server-side coding, such as Python, JAVA or Ruby
  • Database modeling and object-oriented programming, such as SQL, UML or ER
  • Multi-dimensional databases and OLAP systems
  • Object-Role Modeling (ORM)

Multiple positions available in our Atlanta, Georgia office.


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