Language Engineer

The language of the LogicBlox platform is a high level, logic programming language with a strong theoretical foundation rooted in the database community. The declarativeness of our language allows for aggressive analysis optimizations that fully take advantage of the LogicBlox runtime engine.

As a core member of the runtime team, you will:
  • Contribute to the design of language features that supports our users in modular, reusable program construction
  • Bring innovate ideas to developing high level abstractions for solving low level problems, such as distributed programming and parallel execution
  • Design advanced features that supports bidirectional computing and tight integration with statistical methods that are key to enabling powerful data analytic applications
  • Design and implement build systems that provide rapid feedback to programmers, and allows for the separate development and distribution of libraries
  • Develop tools that supports user-analysis of programs, as well as source code optimization
  • Own the testing and verification of components you develop
  • Work with runtime engineers to develop language designs that best take advantage of the runtime for performance
  • Understand domains of statistical analysis, optimization, and simulation; integrate ideas from other languages in these domain into the LogicBlox platform
  • Build tools that support the understanding and debugging of programs
  • Work with programmers to understand their problems, devise principled solutions that would support them
  • Passion for high level languages
  • Experience in language design and/or compiler construction
  • Experience in program or query optimization techniques a plus


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