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Develop applications with clean data models and reactive rules of logic. Unlearn the dirty words “denormalization” and “multi-threading.” Let the LogicBlox smart database automatically optimize your application for today’s complex processor architectures and memory hierarchies.

Teach students the concepts of relational data models, query processing, and declarative programming. Develop your curriculum using LogicBlox’s extensive documentation as a reference. Let LogicBlox’s online development environment streamline your students’ learning experience.

Research novel techniques in query evaluation, concurrency management, network optimization, program analysis, declarative and reactive programming models, and more. Join the ranks of over 50 LogicBlox academic collaborators. Let the LogicBlox smart database be the vehicle for your research.

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We have a large number of academic collaborators whose research we support by providing a no-cost academic license to use our database in their research. If you’re an academic researcher and are interested in an academic license, please fill out an academic request form and we will contact you.

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